In the summer of 2005, I was going through a rough divorce and in an effort to return to normality I returned to a place where I had comfort and pace throughout most of my life and that was on a diamond. Now I had been a long time removed from a field, but it was a familiar place because besides home, it was truly the only place i knew that gave me that feeling.


To make a long story short I formed the “Ol’Skool Softball blast’n Co.” with a group of “Ex-New Yorkers” like myself and we formed a fraternity that has lasted over a decade and during the winter of 2018

I decided to form CL-95 Sports off the strength and mild success of the parent company CL-95 Inc. I had already had some experience in fashion and manufacturing, so it was naturally a “no brainer” to design and construct uniforms for the sport I love more than life itself. I look to preserve and create the pageantry of the team sport starting with softball and beyond. Our methodology and technology apply to all sports and disciplines. We at CL-95 Sports employ one core belief and that is “Look Good...Play Good!” Our product was designed for players by players. We look to cater to every need that our people may have, where before companies would not pay attention to our potential and buying power.


Our mission and purpose is to cater to our so called minority communities, by offering Major league quality at minor league prices. In the end our goal is to keep our money with us and empower and uplift by the betterment of the sports that WE participate in.


John "Skip" Nunez


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